Essential Equipment Used for Resin Bound Surfacing

When undertaking resin bound surfacing, the right equipment is vital for achieving a high-quality and durable finish. This guide not only outlines the essential equipment used for resin bound applications but also highlights the importance of professional expertise in selecting the appropriate tools.

Drill and Paddle Mixer: A Must-Have for Resin Bound Mix Preparation

A 110v Drill and Paddle mixer is essential in the resin bound process for mixing the Resin (Part A) and Hardener (Part B) before it’s added to the aggregate. Using a large plaster paddle head and a slow speed setting is key to ensure thorough and even mixing. This approach prevents over-mixing, which can introduce air into the resin, leading to frothing.

Forced Action Mixer: Crucial for Resin Bound Aggregate Mixing

For resin bound surfacing, a Forced Action Mixer with a 120L capacity is essential to ensure even coating of the aggregate. Unlike Belle cement mixers, which are not suitable for resin bound applications, the Forced Action Mixer’s blades guarantee a consistent mix. This is vital for avoiding uneven patches in the final surface. It’s important to check if your contractor understands the distinction, as using a cement mixer can compromise the quality of the work.

Aluminium Strips: Versatile Edging Solutions

Aluminium strips, available in various types, are crucial in resin bound installations. They serve as solid edges for material application, day joints, or for dividing sections with different finishes. Available in straight or flexible forms, these strips enable creative applications like adding borders, house numbers, logos, or bespoke designs. Additional options like Bullnose, Step, Ramp Edging, and Expansion Joints further enhance the versatility and precision of resin bound surfacing.

Screed Sledge: Streamlining Resin Bound Application

In resin bound surfacing, a screed sledge is used to distribute the mixed material evenly and at the correct depth, ready for trowelling. This equipment, critical in the resin bound process, speeds up installation, ensures uniform coverage, and reduces physical strain during application.

Hygrometer: Essential for Monitoring Conditions in Resin Bound Projects

A Hygrometer is a vital tool in resin bound applications to measure atmospheric humidity. For optimal results in resin bound surfacing, it’s recommended to lay the Resin Bound System at a humidity level below 85%, making the hygrometer an indispensable tool for ensuring suitable conditions.

The equipment used for resin bound surfacing plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired quality and durability of the finish. By utilising these essential tools, professionals can ensure that every aspect of the resin bound application process is conducted with precision and care.

Essential equipment resin bound surfacing

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