Block Paving Driveways

A Detailed Overview

Choosing the right solution for block paving in Plymouth can be a significant decision. With an increasing preference for versatile and durable surfaces, block paving emerges as a top choice due to its aesthetic versatility and functionality. It’s an investment that not only enhances the appearance of your property but also offers long-term practical benefits. As registered contractors for Tobermore paving products, we adhere to the highest standards of installation. Explore Tobermore’s range of premium paving options and download their brochure for more information: Tobermore Website.

Key Features of Block Paving

various applications beyond just driveways.

Versatility of Block Paving in Plymouth

Block paving is not confined to driveways; its applications include:

Professional Block Paving Installation in Plymouth

Our approach to block paving in Plymouth involves a meticulous process, starting with a thorough assessment of your site. We offer expert advice and no-obligation quotes, ensuring that every project is tailored to meet individual requirements and preferences.

The Process

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Site Preparation & Excavation:

Initially, the site is carefully inspected and excavated. This step is crucial to assess the land's condition, particularly if an existing driveway is in place or if there are areas of soft land. In cases of softer terrain, a sub-base may be necessary to establish a stable foundation.

Laying the Sub-Base

After excavation, the site is edged out to define the area for block paving. A standard sub-base is laid and then thoroughly compacted using a compactor. This forms the groundwork upon which the block paving will be installed.

Leveling with Sharp Sand

Once the sub-base is compacted, a layer of sharp sand is applied. This layer is meticulously raked and then leveled using string lines and screeding rails, ensuring an even and flat surface which is crucial for the next phase of laying the blocks.

Laying the Blocks

The installation of the block paving then begins. Blocks are laid following the desired pattern, with careful attention to the flow of colours to avoid noticeable shading differences. This is achieved by using blocks from various packs, ensuring a harmonious colour distribution throughout the paved area.

Joint Sanding & Compacting

After all the blocks are laid, kiln-dried sand is brushed into the joints between them. This step is followed by compacting the surface with a vibrating plate. This process not only strengthens the interlocking of the blocks but also ensures that they are level. The sanding and compacting process is repeated to make sure no joints are left unfilled.

Custom Designs - Unique Block Paving in Plymouth

With a wide array of colours and designs, block paving offers endless possibilities to create a driveway that complements your property’s aesthetic. Our team provides personalised advice and samples, helping you make a confident decision about your paving choice.

Tailoring to Your Style

We focus on creating bespoke block paving designs that align with the unique character and style of your property, ensuring your driveway is not just functional but also a visual statement.

Custom Features & Patterns

From intricate patterns to custom features, our designs cater to all preferences, ranging from classic and subtle to bold and contemporary.

Block paving

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