Dropped Kerbs

A Detailed Overview

Choosing the right solution for dropped kerbs in Plymouth is a significant decision. As the demand for convenient access to off-road parking grows, installing a dropped kerb becomes a practical choice. It’s not only about parking but also about adhering to legal requirements and enhancing property access.

We are proud to be listed as recommended contractors for Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall. Planning permission is typically required only for installations on Class A roads. To qualify as a recommended contractor, we maintain a £5 million Public Liability Insurance (PLI), hold relevant qualifications such as the Streetworks Ticket, and provide comprehensive risk assessments and method statements.

Our pricing starts at £2,500 + VAT and varies based on the project’s size and the specific materials required. Trust in our expertise and credentials for your resin driveway needs.

What Are Dropped Kerbs?

Dropped kerbs are lowered sections of the pavement that provide a safe and legal means for vehicles to access off-road parking areas. They are a necessity for any property aiming to create a driveway.

Legal Considerations

Installing a dropped kerb requires permission from the local council, as it involves altering the public pavement. If your property is located on a classified A, B, or C road, you’ll also need planning permission. It’s crucial to initiate the application process well in advance.

Understanding Drainage Responsibilities

Homeowners must prevent water draining onto highways. For non-permeable surfaces, DRD installs eco drains and soak-away crates. If a driveway slopes towards a highway without proper drainage, it doesn’t meet legislation standards. DRD ensures compliant and effective drainage solutions for our customers.

Benefits of Dropped Kerbs

Process of Dropped Kerbs

The Installation Process

Step 1
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step 4

Site Assessment & Preparation

Professional installers begin by conducting a thorough site assessment. They excavate the pavement to create space for the lowered kerb, ensuring a smooth installation process.

Sub-base & Edging

A robust sub-base and edging materials are essential for the stability and containment of the dropped kerb. This phase lays the foundation for a secure structure.

Concrete & Setting

Concrete is carefully poured and shaped to form the lowered kerb. After pouring, it is left to set, ensuring it reaches the necessary strength.

Surface Restoration

Restoring the pavement to its original state is a critical step. The surface is reinstated to seamlessly blend with its surroundings.

Choosing a Provider for Dropped Kerbs in Plymouth

Expertise & Accreditation

Select a provider with the necessary expertise, including Street works accreditation and public liability insurance, to guarantee a compliant and high-quality installation. Here at Done Right Driveways, we can give you the confidence to be fully covered. We will also offer you the correct guidance and rest assured, we have years of knowledge in installing dropped kurbs.

We also understand how they are linked to surface choices such as Resin Bound Driveways, Block Paving, and Tarmac.

With a strong relationship with the local council, we can assist with planning applications and ensure all necessary authorisations are in place.